Review for Jamis Minnis by Lindsey S

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There are not enough characters for me to write a review that encompasses everything that Jamis has done for us and has meant to us through the home buying process.

Jamis is smart, funny, authentic, professional, and will go so far above and beyond for their community. Just about every one of the individuals we met through this process told us how amazing they are. And the hype is all real.

They are able to expertly navigate so many relationships, which I am convinced is what allowed us to get a house, in Portland, in this market. We never felt pressured or unsupported. Especially as first time homebuyers who had a ton of questions at every turn.

Jamis takes their job seriously (but also will be seriously fun!). You can tell how important it is for them to find the perfect fit. They will make sure that you end up with a solid house. I assumed all realtors were out to make a buck, but Jamis is out to make sure that everyone has a safe place to thrive, and it shows.

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