Review for Jamila Minnis by Wendy S

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If you are fortunate enough to find a realtor like Jamis, be grateful. We were shopping for a new home and moving to Portland, OR from out of state. After speaking with Jamis, we knew she was the right one to help us navigate the housing market. Jamis is very familiar with the area and knows the ins and outs of the real estate market. Jamis is great with communication, we primarily texted but she was willing to reach out by email or phone any time as well. She showed up for each of our inspections in person, as we were unable to travel out to Portland each time there was an inspection. She kept the process fun by sending small video clips of the house while inspections were taking place. She got to know us and our needs and cleverly figured out the areas we loved. You can consider many other realtors in Portland, but in the end, you will regret not reaching out to Jamis. Thank You Thank You Jamis!

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