Review for Jamila Minnis by Raquel B

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We would hire Jamis again in a heartbeat and recommend them to all our friends and family! As a QTPOC couple, we dragged our feet entering the housing market because we were just afraid of being discriminated against in a city full of privileged, white, cis-heteronormative professionals. We wanted to work with someone we could feel comfortable around, ideally someone who has lived experienced as a QTBIPOC and isn’t just here for the money. We thought it would be like finding a needle in a giant haystack.

Enter JAMIS! They are extremely knowledgeable about the current market and used their bad-a$$ negotiating skills to get us our dream home/location. As first-time homebuyers, we were terrified and overwhelmed–especially with having to learn about lame headache-inducing capitalistic/legal terms. Jamis never hesitated to teach us when we had questions and gave us the right feedback each step of the way. We are deeply grateful for their patience and guidance through this cutthroat market. We trusted them, listened to their recommendations, and they helped us secure an awesome deal on our FIRST-EVER bid (apparently this isn’t common)! If you’re a scared and overwhelmed first time homebuyer, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jamis! They are very kind, funny, detailed, and have so much knowledge about homes (i.e. house maintenance, fixer-uppers, and especially hygge). We loved working with them and we know you will too!

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