Review for Dustin Borzet by Ric H

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Immediately after meeting him I knew he was a perfect match for us to find our new home. Dustin was patience, attentive, professional and responsive to all my requirements. I was a new buyer and also new to the area. Dustin quickly put us at ease by throughly answering all our questions and when I asked for his advice, his responses was supported by solid facts and data. Dustin considered all my requirements and within 2 weeks, we found the perfect house.

Fast forward this summer when we made a decision to relocate to another state, without hesitation, Dustin was able to get our house on the market in a matter of days. He used various techniques and social media applications to advertise the sale of our home. I was also impressed by the quality of the information and materials used to advertise the sale. As a result, we had a immediate and overwhelming response to the advertisements which lead to a successful open house. Within 1 week we received 2 offers. I rarely make recommendations which I can not stand behind but I solicited Dustin following the sale of my house to ask how I could submit a reference or comments regarding the service I received?

You can not go wrong with Dustin. Hands down, he is the best at what he does. If you are seeking a true professional who is responsive, responsible and knows the housing market, you must contact Dustin!

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