Review for Colton Harris by AJ M

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When Colton helped me find my condo in the first quarter of 2022, I was a 24 y.o., single, female, first time buyer. I was overwhelmed & inexperienced with the entire process, and I knew that I was at risk for being taken advantage of by predatory people. I was so thankful to find Colton because he was not only patient, thorough, and knowledgeable, but I truly believe he had my be interests & safety at heart. One thing that we connected over was our queerness, and he told me that he would never show me a property in a location that he himself wouldn’t feel comfortable living in. Overall I felt very taken care of, understood, and comfortable with my first home buying process thanks to Colton, and I would recommend him as an agent to anyone who can relate to my situation! 😊

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