Review for Chelsea Steen by Rylan P

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chelsea on my last two real estate transactions. She conducted an extremely successful search and purchase on my second home in May 2020. We had targeted a very specific home design within a specified budget, and she was able to identify and complete many layers of due diligence on each property to find an ideal residence for my second purchase. During the search, Chelsea was able to locate a beautiful and ideal single family residence that had tremendous rental income potential in addition to high caliber finishes inside and out. Chelsea was able to negotiate a price decrease, new roof and many other credits towards my closing, and conducted the entire transaction quickly and painlessly with the utmost professionalism. We were able to close on this property in less than a month and the process was seamless on my end.

In addition to this purchase, Chelsea was my realtor during my first time home purchase in May of 2019. Prior to my home purchase and throughout ownership of my first home, Chelsea was an outstanding individual and realtor. Not only did she conduct and professionally execute both real estate transactions, she was also an educator, mentor and has continually assisted me in planning both short and long term goals.

Chelsea has worked with me to understand my life, ideal living situations, my long term plan for working as well as retirement. She sat down with me personally to put together a real estate purchase plan to accomplish my goal of real estate investment. We’ve developed a plan to successfully locate and purchase properties in order to fulfill my retirement goals and develop a very lucrative passive income situation.

In addition, she has provided a plethora of knowledge in investing, purchasing and overall real estate education during her monthly (sometimes multiple times a month) Home Buying 101 classes. I’ve personally attended many of these events in person as well as virtually, and every single class I’ve walked away with additional knowledge and education in the real estate arena. She is continually learning, expanding and educating herself on every aspect of real estate, and in turn provides a bounty of information to all of her clients.

Chelsea is one of the most professional, decisive and polished individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with, both inside as well as outside of real estate. I would not recommend anyone but Chelsea to engage and develop a long term relationship for your professional and personal real estate aspirations.

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