Review for Caitlin Jones by Kimmi W

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Absolutely fantastic! As first time buyers, we had many questions about the entire home buying process. Caitlin was able to answer everything, and anything they didn’t know, they found the answer for us. We have extremely busy schedules, but Caitlin made sure we were taken care of. From virtual walk throughs to calls outside of business hours, they were there for us for every step of the way. They worked directly with our lender and made sure everybody was on the same page, so there was never any miscommunication. We were on a time crunch and a budget in a seller’s market, so we were very nervous. Caitlin worked with the seller’s agent, helped us make the best offer possible, and fought for us to get the perfect home. Every worry was put to rest, especially when they went above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable with inspection negotiations. They were with us at closing to translate every single document, and truly felt part of our celebration! We also loved that Caitlin is part of the LGBTQIA+ community, meaning they knew our rights, advocated for us, and we felt safe and secure! If you are wondering where to start, Caitlin will give it to you straight, letting you know what is realistic and what your next steps should be. We went from joking about buying a home to actually doing it, and it’s all because of Caitlin. Thank you for helping us own our very own home! We will be recommending you to everybody we know!

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