Review for Baumgardner Baumgardner by Dave K

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When my wife and I first started working with Joshua we knew that we would be selling our townhouse and buying a condo, but we also had some very particular requirements (as well as some that we hadn’t yet really identified) and knew that we would not be moving until we found just the right place. We wanted to find a condo we would be happy with for a very long time, not just someplace that was “good enough.” We told Joshua that our timeframe for moving could be two months or two years — however long it took for us to find the right property. Joshua was fine with that approach, and immediately began scouring the WDC area for properties that fit our needs.

Joshua was diligent about finding places for us to look at, and was always responsive to our requests to see a property multiple times or even look at a place that was pretty clearly outside our requirements just because it would help us clarify our thinking. We’re both busy professionals, which meant that sometimes he had to work hard and be pretty flexible to accommodate our time schedules. We looked at a lot of condos, and through that process Joshua not only learned exactly what was important to us but also helped us refine our thinking and articulate the pros and cons of each property.

It’s a testament to Joshua’s professionalism that he never pressured us to compromise or made us feel like we were wasting his time. When we finally found the condo we wanted to buy, Joshua represented us brilliantly and our purchase went off without a hitch. He did a similarly fine job listing our old townhouse and executing the sale of that property.

Joshua is an ethical professional and a genuinely nice guy, and we can’t recommend him highly enough!

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