Review for Anna Savitsky by Fosse D

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Anna was amazing from the beginning. When we first met up I wasn’t even sure if we wanted to sell or not. She explained everything in a way that someone with zero experience with selling could understand. When she left I didn’t feel pressured to sell right away. However, we jumped right in because she made us feel so confident about it! She answered every question we could come up with, and helped us with every minute detail. We listed our house and we were updated continuously as people came to view and as offers came rolling in. She gave great advice, but never made us feel like we had to go with her advice. She respected our thoughts and concerns in any manner. She was also amazing in helping us find another dream home. We saw tons of houses before we saw the right one, but Anna was there through everything and not once made us feel guilty for wanting to see yet another house. She was super supportive and just an awesome person. She makes it a point to connect with her families and we loved this! We could not have sold our first home and purchased our new dream home without her!

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