Review for Alex Aberle by Ames A

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I searched for an AGENT before I searched for an AGENCY. Alex was the person I found I most wanted to work with, based on his knowledge of the area in which we both loved, and his immense appreciation for it as well. I also regarded his savvy with social media to be a huge asset, too. I was right in my choice and he was amazing! Alex made our first appointment to meet and see the house after two emails back and forth and a phone call. He had nothing but praise my home and thought initially that it was good candidate for a fast sell, and indeed he was right. After the first showing of my two bedroom, oddly shaped home I had something 14 offers. But this wasn’t magic happening. Alex very carefully and cleverly marketed this house; first with teasers on his blog, Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth and then of course his own agency’s website as well the MLS and my go-to tool: Zillow! Once the photos were done and ads went out (an excellent photographer choice too by the way) I was hearing from friends in other states that they had seen I was moving! Alex was kind and patient with me, firm and protective with all else, while never leaving his fun, passion, twinkle-in-his-eye, and professionalism at the door. I never had a question unanswered or a worry un-allayed…and I had many. All in all, Alex Aberle was the right choice for me and my home sale, and I would and have recommended him for multiple friends and acquaintances. While in the process of waiting for closing, I convinced my next door neighbors to consider using him and they did. I trust he worked his amazing skills in that sale too!

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