NAGLREP & PFLAG 2020 – 2021 Partnership, Member Best Practices


NAGLREP is thrilled to partner with PFLAG, the first and largest organization for LGBTQ people, their parents and families, and allies with over 400 local chapters and 200,000 members and supporters crossing multiple generations of families.

The 2020 – 2021 plan calls for NAGLREP and PFLAG to work together to create training on a variety of home ownership related topics including raising awareness for the Equality Act while showcasing its potential impact on credit and housing.

Each NAGLREP chapter event will include PFLAG leadership sharing local updates and best practices of engagement.  PFLAG National will participate in the NAGLREP LGBT Housing Policy Summit April 28-29 at HRC in Washington, DC and NAGLREP National Conference October 6-8 in Palm Springs.

Local PFLAG chapters host 1-2 meetings per month.  Each is two hours with the 1st being a traditional support group, and the 2nd being educational which offers NAGLREP members the opportunity to educate attendees on the emotional and financial benefits of homeownership, including 1st time home buyer education, and how to apply for home financing.

NAGLREP Member Best Practices for Local Engagement
1) Contact your local NAGLREP chapter president to inquire what your chapter is planning with PFLAG and participate. One collective organized voice is required.  If there is not a NAGLREP chapter in your area, feel welcome to contact the local PFLAG chapter and engage.

2) Join your local PFLAG Chapter  The average rate is $50/yr.  Get involved by attending meetings, participate in leadership by requesting to join the Executive Board, join the Education Committee, network within PFLAG social media channels.

3) Plan to attend your 2020 regional PFLAG conference. For example, the Los Angeles regional conference is February 29 in Manhattan Beach. The San Antonio regional conference is scheduled for fall 2020. The next PFLAG National conference will be in 2021.

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