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What I love and hate about Portland, OR and SW Washington! From the perspective of a transplant from CA almost 4 years ago!

Ricki Anaya is a Realtor serving Portland & SW Washington

I first moved to Portland Oregon in 2014 escaping an insanely expensive place: Silicon Valley! Having also lived in San Francisco for 9 years, Portland felt much like the city by the bay but much cleaner, more affordeable and with nine or so brides spanning the majectic city scape. Here are my top ten LOVES about the Portland, OR metro and only a few HATES. 


I LOVE: Washington Park: where you’ll find majectic rows of roses in the Rose Garden and lovely views. The Japanese Gardens, also at this park are AMAZING! I’ve seen quite a few but this one is world renown for it’s authenticity and feel. Plan to mediate and maybe levitate! : )

Meetups: When I moved, I only knew 1 person. So i joined Meetup.com and added a bunch of groups. Soon, i had lots of new friends and things to do. Sure, I happened to also find love at one of these meetups unexpectedly and we’re still happily together many years later!

I LOVE that it’s so affordeable to rent and buy compared to the most expensive place ever: Sillicon Valley! I like that if you buy a home, it will gain an average of 10% a year making it a great investment.

I love that Portland Oregon and SW Washington are becoming more and more culturally diverse. People from all over the world and the US are moving here in droves! I love that people here are super friendly! Yes, really. No they aren’t trying to sell you something or date you. People here are relaxed and love getting to know you.

I love the water sports. Because of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers there’s lots of boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, skiing, etc to do here. Or you can drive about an hour to the coast and check out many nice beaches. Sometimes that drive can be a few hours if you don’t head out early enough! So…I prefer going to the dock/park only 15 minutes away and enjoying the river instead.

I love that the Portland international airport can take me home to see mom on an hour and half flight to San Jose, CA for a few Southwest bucks! Heck, I can travel anywhere I need to be easily. If you live in Portland Metro you can take the Metro Rail train to the airport and be dropped off next to the airport lobby! From SW Washington, it’s only about 20 minutes away driving.

I HATE: Traffic. Yes, it sucks! Especially in SW Portland where if you’re caught in traffic hour, can take an hour to get a few city blocks. If you live across the bridge from the Portland airport in Vancouver, Wa area, traffic is brutal going into Portland on a morning commute. You’ll get there in 35-70 minutes depending on where in Portland, OR you work. If you live in the State of Wa but work in OR you still have to pay OR personal income tax.

If you are a Realtor, I would LOVE to take care of your clients on their journey to SW Washington or the Portland, Oregon metro.