Agent Relevancy is Under Attack

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Real estate veteran Garry Wise provides 30 minutes of riveting discussion that is a MUST LISTEN

Garry Wise, who heads GoodLife Luxury in Austin and Paperless Agent, is passionate about the real estate industry and concerned about its future.  He is working hard to change things.

Wise, who is one of real estate’s foremost authorities on utilizing modern technology to impact an agent’s business, is dismayed at how the industry has allowed potential disruptors to enter the space.

He believes the hot market – with little inventory and buyers lining up to compete – is actually hurting the industry’s future because of agent’s acceptance of what he calls the old-school “3 Ps”.  Wise points out that during the seemingly ancient days of the MLS books, agents did essentially the same thing they are doing today – PUT the sign in the ground, PUT the listing on the MLS and PRAY that the buyers will come.

He argues the changing consumer, which now has all of the information they could possible need, sees little value to this approach and therefore is only evaluating agents on price. Thus the reason why agents are continuouslly asked to lower commissions.

He also believes this attitude has allowed those outside of real estate to become enamored with the trillions of dollars of annual sales volume and giving them hope that they can ultimately marginalize the agent. That is why he spends significant time with his Paperless Agent coaching clients to ensure that they stand apart from their competition and employ a more modernized “3 Ps” approach:

PACKAGE the home
Utilize PRICING strategy
PROMOTE the home and yourself

Wise, who has been honored by Apple, Evernote, Inman, and others, also encourages his clients to surround themselves with outstanding people to guarantee  they constantly learn and improve.  He believes NAGLREP members have a built in advantage as they are far superior to the at-large agent body and benefit greatly from the organization’s close knit group of collaborators.

Whether is his speaking at the National Association of REALTORS Midyear meetings or on this podcast, Garry Wise is one not to miss!

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