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A NAGLREP Social Spotlight by Darla Michelsen

Jackie Maggin is a Realtor serving the Port Saint Lucie, Florida area

Jackie has always been an entrepreneur. She’s owned a touring company, a food service business at Home Depot, and and haldful of other ventures. But when Jackie purchased an ocean side bungalow and made a 1500% profit selling it, she decided Real Estate was the business for her.

These days Jackie is happy and at home with Atlantic Shores Realty Expertise. 

Darla Michelsen: Jackie and I were roommates at the 2016 NAGLREP conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We connected later by phone and I could tell this was only the beginning of our friendship.

DM: Share with me about the market you serve.
JM: I’m on the Treasure Coast of Florida in Port St. Lucie. It’s become a growing town and a nice place to live.  More people are moving here from further south because it’s more affordable and you’re still on the beaches. I love the diversity and the people from all over the country. 

DM: Being new in real estate, what would you tell someone who wants to get into the business.
I would say “be yourself” is the most important for any business. Being genuine and sincere is what I’ve always been, and I believe people are attracted to these qualities. I’ve become friends with so many people I’ve done business with.

DM: Why do you align yourself with NAGLREP?
: Being with likeminded people and standing together is the most important reason for me.

DM: What are your thoughts about attending the NAGLREP conference?
It’s been an amazing experience .  There were speakers who had inspiring stories. I believe in the message of picking yourself up and moving forward.  With that said, I’m already planning for next year!

You have a new business venture. Can you tell me more?
Yes, I’m very excited. I was on the board of the Treasure Coast Pride board where I met three other business men. We’ve branched out to create a unique business referral on the same lines as YELP for the LGBT community.
It’s called WTB, which stands for We’re Talking Business. We have a newsletter and business expo in the plans as well as website and Facebook pages. We think it will serve in a different way to reference LGBT business of all kinds

DM: Can you tell me some things no one would know about you?
 I was a folk singer in the 70’s and 80’s and I played all over the east coast. I normally don’t tell people, but if there’s an open mike I’ll pull out my guitar and have some fun.

When I was in my 40’s I sold my house and a couple of businesses to fulfill my lifelong dream to become a cowgirl. I bought a ranch in Arizona and rode with real cowboys for many years. This led to building a mini western town on my property. We’d do western themed corporate parties and western weddings.
I learned all the western songs for the weddings. It’s a wonderful memory.

I went to school for photography and still enjoy that today. One of the greatest things that ever happened was I attended a campaign event for Hillary Clinton. I was able to get my equipment onstage and took a lot of close-ups of her. That was so exciting! 

And my brother is a famous comic book writer. He was the head writer for DC comics in the 70’s and 80’s, and wrote the two books to the Superman movies.

DM: Oh wow! Jackie those are some pretty interesting things that people wouldn’t know. I may have to hear more details!

DM: Are there charities that are near and dear to you?
Anything to do with animals. I used to own a pet store on Long Island, New York.

DM: Do you have any hobbies or things you do in your free time?
Yes, I like to work with wood and build things, and I’ve started to record some of my music before I start to lose my voice.

DM: Do you have a belief system that guides you in your life?
I’m a believer in Spiritualism, which is a science and philosophy.
I go to a book club every week and one thing I’ve learned is to not take things personally. Taking things on and taking them so personally was always so hard for me, like it is for so many people. But being able to let that go has been helpful.
I’ve learned to say “next”.  

DM: Is there anything else you would like people to know about you?
Many people have told their stories of having rough times and growing up without family support, especially in the LGBT communities. I don’t know where I’d be or what I’d be if I didn’t have the support of my family all my life. No matter how many times I was knocked down or not accepted by others, they were always there for me.

Darla Michelsen: It was such a wonderful experience being roommates and sharing the NAGLREP 2016 conference with Jackie. This is a lady who’s lived life to the fullest in every way. I loved hearing her stories about the many things she’s done in her life.
Jackie is one of those unique people who’ve never let a dream go by, and she has many more to come.


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