Gabe Cordova

President | Firepoint

Boise, ID


Thursday, October 19th

Secrets of Top Agents
Learn the Secrets of Top Agents from Gabe Cordova.  Gabe has been in real estate for almost 15 years starting as a single agent to growing a team and brokerage. His team consistently sold 500, 600, even 800 homes in a single year.  Gabe will share with you the secrets you need to know to be a Top Agent in your market.

During my near 15 years working in residential real estate, I’ve been a part of nearly every aspect of the industry; including sales, team building, training, and system implementation. Building a top brokerage from the ground up in the worst real estate depression in the last several decades—while at times was incredibly unforgiving—provided me with vital experience and a thorough understanding of the methods and means required to build and manage a successful real estate company. In this ever-changing industry, I’ve been able to adapt new tech trends, sales strategies, and implementation techniques that kept my brokerage and teams on top. As a result, I’ve found a real passion for coaching by helping my friends and peers in the industry find and maintain the same results that I achieved.

So why Firepoint? Through working with multiple CRM companies over the years on developing their software to better suit agents, brokers, lenders, and team leads, I realized none of them were really listening to me, the agent. No one was building that one system that could manage all of my needs while looking at it through the lens of an agent’s gaze. I decided that I wanted to be part of a solution for my fellow business owners and that solution was Firepoint.

Since making the move from full-time broker and agent to full-time Firepoint President, I have led the creation and management of our Account Management and Sales teams. I collaborate with our designers and developers daily to ensure we are producing a product that is not only affordable, functional and easy to use, but also keeps us on the cutting edge. Firepoint is quickly becoming known as that all-in-one system created “By Agents, For Agents”. Through our incredible growth and development, I find that I champion the “By Agents, For Agents” perspective within Firepoint and bring a unique eye and point of view that is crucial to achieve and maintain that reputation. It is for that reason that I’m proud to say that Firepoint is designed “By Agents, For Agents”.

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