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Updated Oct 13, 2016

Just Jay....Fort Lauderdale Style

A NAGLREP Social Spotlight by Darla Michelsen

Jay Cermak is a Realtor® serving Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, and the surrounding areas

Jay Cermak started his career of over 17 years in computer tech support to include Apple Inc. He originally got into Real Estate because he wanted to own rental properties but soon discovered that there was so much he could offer being a part of this type of business.
He decided that being a Real Estate agent he would be able to extend his own personal and higher level of customer service that allows him to go above and beyond what he can do for people, something he wasn’t able to do in the support field.
Jay has the desire to be the person that makes it happen for others, and combining his passion and skills and energy he now feels he can make a big impact and difference in people’s lives. Jay also teaches at The Greater Fort Lauderdale Board of Realtors and his Keller Williams Realty Professionals Office in Fort Lauderdale how to use Mobile Technology, Social Media and Technology Tips, Matrix MLS, Imapp Tax and more...

Darla Michelsen: What is the biggest benefit you offer to your clients?

Jay Cermak: Because I’m very passionate about what I do and the service I’m offering, it spills over into everything from making sure the clients are getting the home they really want and why having certain things are important to them straight through to the negotiations. I’m doing everything to make it happen!

DM: What do you love most about the area that you live and work?

JC: The 23 miles of beaches!!! I lived in Ohio where it’s cloudy most of the year and I love the sun here!

DM: What is a social cause you are passionate about?

JC: AHF (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) and Ryan White foundation, I also do a lot of volunteering at the Pride Center. There is so much ignorance surrounding AIDS and want to make sure people are being educated and have easy access to testing, I believe knowledge is power and people still need to understand the issues surrounding AIDs and care.

DM: What are your hobbies or what do you like to do with your free time? I’m talking about things you may do when you are not at Target trying on costumes. (If you have the pleasure of being one of Jay’s Facebook friends you can see the performer in him with his trips to explore costumes provided by his local target store!)
JC: I need to start a website called People of Target!

JC: I love to explore the beaches and spend time with my 2 rat terriers and I’m part of the Fort Lauderdale Gay men’s chorus

DM: What are 3 things about you that most people wouldn't know?

JC: I have a Mousters degree from Disney and just short of having a Ducktorate, musical theatre performer, I’ve done 3 summers at Cedar Point in Playland in New York. I used to say I had a patent on the saying “I’m practically perfect in every way” but now I say for Jay!
DM: So I think it’s correct in saying “No matter what the circumstance for one thing I’m renowned, my character is spit, spot, spic and span! I’m practically perfect in every way for Jay” thank you Mary Poppins.

DM: If you could sing one song on American Idol what would it be? This could be a hard one for someone like you.

JC: No one is alone from Into the Woods. In High school I played the part of Jack in the production of Into the Woods .

DM: If you could have any person dead or alive over whom would it be?

JC: Steve Jobs! He has inspired so many people. Would want to talk to him about his vision.

DM: What is your Super Power?

JC: My wit … I can produce a witty comment at a blink of an eye.

DM: What is your Kryptonite?

JC: Being and feeling helpless, it doesn’t stop me but makes me very frustrated.

DM: If you could turn back time what would have done different?

JC: I would have gotten into Real Estate much earlier.

DM: Answer this question? Before I die I would like to........

JC: Travel the world, there are so many places to go that I would still love to explore.

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