Gabe Cordova

President | Firepoint

Boise, ID


Wednesday, October 2

Size Matters: Growing & Scaling Your Real Estate Business

Learn how size matters in the real estate business. Gabe Cordova will share with you how he sold over 800 homes in one year, how to avoid common industry mistakes that will cost you, and leave you with actionable takeaways you can implement in your business today.

Speaker Bio: Gabe Cordova is an expert in residential real estate and notably sold over 800 homes in his last year as an agent through closing online PPC leads. With over 15 years of sales success, team building, training, and systems implementation experience, Gabe started nurturing his passion for sharing his knowledge and success secrets with other agents and strives to empower real estate agents across North America to embrace change and overcome some of the most common pitfalls encountered in the industry.

Gabe spends the other half of his time working as the President of Firepoint, an agent built real estate technology company, where he focuses on business development and ensuring that the product is as forward thinking as it is functional, and easy to use. With his unique point of view and expertise in the real estate industry, Gabe has evolved into the voice and visionary of the company and has helped grow Firepoint into one of the most in-demand software solutions for real estate business intelligence on the market.


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