Steve Abrams

Realtor | Century 21 SGR

Chicago, IL


Wednesday, October 3

The Queer Truth: Making Quick Connections To Deliver On Client Desire

The Queer Truth is a set of insight skills you can apply as a LGBTQ realtor. This session gives participants a start on discovering their own brand uniqueness. They will learn skills to quickly determine their client’s unique needs and deliver what they truly want. This short motivational presentation will be followed with a Q & A session.

Speaker Bio:
Born and raised in Boston, Steve Abram’s queer trajectory began with a BS in microbiology and landed him in Chicago as a professional photographer, turned restaurateur, turned leather bar and club owner. Abrams went on to hold senior executive leadership positions with performing arts and cultural institutions, and currently produces theater, performance-based events and manages several artists, as well as sells real estate. Steve has the unique gift of celebrating the queer in everyone, including himself. He teaches personal branding, marketing and live production and is a co-host of “Got to Be Real,” a consumer real-estate podcast.

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