Sherry Swift

Swift Transitions | President / Coach

Royal Oak, MI


Wednesday, October 3

Power Up Personally & Professionally : 5 Steps to Your Best Balanced Life!

Are you winning personally but not professionally? Are you winning professionally but not personally? You can have it all, let’s build a life worth living! This session will uncover 5 steps to living a perfectly counter balanced life while enjoying the growth process.

Speaker Bio:
Sherry is a Best-Selling Author, a Certified Coach, Founding Member of Forbes Coaches Council, Podcast host, President of Swift Transitions Coaching and Training Organization and she is here and ready to impact your world! Sherry is a Speaker on fire for Life, Growth and Change! She has a personal story of tragedy recovery and communicates with the perfect balance of care and candor that gets things moving in our lives. With over two decades of experience, her client base is diverse and her approach communicates focus on Mind-set, Sales, Production Based, Team Building, Quality Customer Experiences, Start Ups, Personal Transition and so much more. As host of her own podcast, Swift Talk with Sherry Swift, Sherry’s goal is to come together and laugh a little, learn a lot, gain access to new resources and get answers to questions that may be keeping us from living an out loud life!

High energy on the platform, Sherry communicates through authenticity, grit and transparency. She leads with the need for consistency and accountability. Her moto is that “life is simply delicious” and she is serving it up expecting you to come back for seconds!  

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